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Lewis Whiteley - Ange IF

Fishing For Pike

26/06/12 |

We’ve had two games this week, and they were the last two before the mid-season break so it was important for us to finish on a high.

Fortunately we won both, 4-1 and 1-0 but both teams played really well and we had to give it our all to beat them, especially the game on Wednesday.

Our player-manager was suspended because he’d received three yellow cards and had to miss a game. We really missed his presence up front and his ability to hold the ball up.

We’ve now moved into third place and are only four points behind the league leaders. We have won seven out of our last eight games and haven’t lost at home all season. I really hope we can continue this run when the season starts again.

On Thursday one of the boys from the team took us fishing on the lake in Ange, which is really beautiful on a nice day when the water is calm.

Lake in Ange

We had been out a couple of times on his boat but I hadn’t realised how big the lake actually was. Sweden is known for its endless forests and picturesque lakes and rivers but you really have to see it for yourself.

Jasper, the lad who took us, said this is one of the smaller lakes in the area which shocked me because its biggest lake I’ve ever seen!

Half way through the trip we came to a bay on the far side of the lake and Jasper told me I’ll “definitely catch a pike here, everyone does.”

I’d had a few early nibbles but nothing was biting. Suddenly a small but decent size pike latched onto the hook. This was the first fish I had ever caught so I was eager to get it in the boat before it had chance to wriggle away!

We brought it in and it was about half a meter long but at that point I would of taken any size fish. We put it back in the water and it scurried off back in between the reeds.

All in all it was a fantastic day!