Those who embrace personal development as well as alternative interests, employment, education or training, equip themselves to excel as football players and for life off the pitch. Our Transition strategy aims to provide life skills, information, advice, guidance, support and opportunities to contribute to personal growth.

Information, advice, guidance and support


LFE recognises that there are a number of pathways learners want to take post-study programme and we want to ensure that all possible information is made available. In order to do this, LFE has invested in the online tool Start. This houses up to date information, as well as video testimonials, on all major employment sectors, with an extensive range of job roles and requirements explained.

Click here to get a taste of what is on offer at this excellent resource.

Thinking about studying for a degree or an alternative career?

You may now be starting to think for the first time about developing yourself as more than a footballer. This process in itself is quite daunting but if you are thinking of or considering going to university and making the step into higher education, it is important to explore how your studies may fit into your long term personal development and career aims.

League Football Education has built strong partnerships with a variety of organisations – from employers in some of the UK’s primary industry sectors to leading universities in the UK and USA. LFE are consistently trying to further improve these relationships to provide more opportunities for learners past and present.