Featuring over 200 individual players (aged 18-20) from EFL, Premier League and National League clubs, it’s your chance to unearth a gem and start recruiting early from the hundreds determined to find a route back into the professional game.

Player Eligibility

To be eligible for the Assessment Trials a player must fulfil all elements in either of the two criteria detailed in the Player Eligibility Policy.

LFE Contact Information Sharing Policy

LFE has created a Contact Information Sharing Policy in order to facilitate and monitor official and genuine opportunities. All scouts and agents are advised to familiarise themselves with this policy before attending the trials.

Player Preview List

A player preview list is available to view here and will be updated throughout the player registration period. This will provide limited information for scouts to see who has registered an interest to play. The list will not show who will actually play in the trial games.


All games will be filmed and streamed live via LFE’s Facebook page.

Full games will be available after the events via LFE’s Trials YouTube channel.

The games will be analysed and individual player packages will be made available to players free of charge via LFE’s Hudl recruitment page for further promotion to scouts/clubs.

Please allow at least 3 weeks of processing time for 200 player highlight packages to go live.