Featuring up to 200 individual players (aged 18-20) from EFL, Premier League and National League clubs, it’s a chance to unearth a gem and start recruiting early from the hundreds determined to find a route back into the professional game.

Player Registration

Player registration opened on MONDAY 8th APRIL 2024.

Once players have registered, further information and venue details will be sent via email when a place has been allocated, this will be no earlier than 22nd April.

Player Eligibility

To be eligible for the Assessment Trials a player must fulfil all elements in either of the two criteria detailed in the Player Eligibility Policy.

LFE Contact Information Sharing Policy

LFE has created a Contact Information Sharing Policy in order to facilitate and monitor official and genuine opportunities. All scouts and agents are advised to familiarise themselves with this policy before attending the trials.

SQWAD for Scouts

LFE is pleased to announce this year’s assessment trials will be run with the help of The SQWAD. We will be using their app SQWAD SCOUT to provide the player data digitally. This is being done in an effort to increase accuracy and efficiency as the data will be available real-time for everyone that participates. We encourage every scout to download the app via the App Store or Google Store, and after creating your user account you can use the code LFE150 to get access to all the scouting services. This code will give scouts access to a rich library of services for 5 months free of charge.

Download The SQWAD app:

SQWAD SCOUT will provide the following for the Trials:

  • Player profile
  • Player highlights
  • Team sheets
  • Match report
  • Evaluations forms
  • Tracking and management capabilities
  • File sharing
  • Scouting forms
  • Live video feeds

SQWAD will be providing user guidance webinars for scouts prior to the Assessment Trials. You can register below:

SQWAD Webinar Schedule: https://thesqwad.com/lfe

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact Tony Robinson at [email protected]


All games are filmed and streamed live via LFE’s Facebook page.

Full games are available after the events via LFE’s Trials YouTube channel. Full games will also be available through the SQWAD app after the events.

The games will be analysed and individual player packages will be made available to players free of charge via LFE’s Trials YouTube channel for further promotion to scouts/clubs.

Please allow at least three weeks of processing time for all player highlight packages to go live.