Scholarships in America offer the opportunity to experience a vibrant university lifestyle in a new culture and the chance to play football while studying for a degree.

In recent seasons, a growing number of Apprentices have taken advantage of the opportunity to undertake a scholarship in America and made the most of funding opportunities, a vibrant and diverse university lifestyle in a new culture and the chance to play football at a good level while at the same time studying towards a degree.

LFE’s Guide to American Scholarships should provide you with enough information to understand what the opportunity is and the required process to make it a reality.

Alternatively, if you have any doubts about pursuing this pathway, you can hear the thoughts of three former apprentices regarding their U.S. experience by viewing the video at the top of the page.

The PFA provide grant aid for a variety of courses to help all members and ex-members of The PFA to prepare for a second career. Members studying at University outside the UK can receive a £1,250 bursary per year of study. Click here to find out more about the benefits that The PFA can provide.

It is possible to secure a scholarship without any external assistance but this is not always easy or realistic due to the timing of being released from a club or deciding late. If you have any queries and would like to discuss U.S. Scholarships with an LFE member of staff, speak to your Regional Officer or contact our Transition Officer on 01772 326875.