Wildig Earns Jones Tribute

By: Elaine Brand |
16/02/10 |
Aaron Wildig

Aaron Wildig

Dave Jones has heaped praise on Cardiff City’s teenaged midfielder Aaron Wildig ahead of tonight’s promotion clash with second-placed West Bromwich Albion.

The 17 year old, in the second year of his Apprenticeship, put in a superb performance in Saturday’s FA Cup tie at Chelsea and Manager Dave Jones paid tribute to his young star, saying:

“It’s a great learning curve for him. He’s done absolutely brilliantly. There doesn’t look much of him so he has to show other attributes in his game, which he’s doing.”

“He’s comfortable on the ball and he sees a good pass. He can get stronger and the more he trains with us the better he will be.”

“Aaron is still growing. We can’t do weights with him because he has a back problem. We’ve got to be careful with him and monitor him, and there’ll be a time when we have to pull him out and say enough is enough, we can’t get any more out of him.”

“He’s got a big future at this Club, he’s another player who has come through and it just shows you that if we have a good player at this Club we treat him properly.”

“Unfortunately, the problem is that the big guns will start looking and come calling again if we’re not in the division we want to be in.”