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National Careers Week 2024 | CTSP

National Careers Week 2024 | CTSP

In celebration of National Careers Week 2024 last week, LFE is highlighting some of the great work our Community Trusts have been doing with their learners to enable them to think about their future career prospects. All Community Trusts follow the Gatsby Benchmarks in order for every individual learner to receive information, advice, and guidance on their career journey whilst on programme. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening lately…

Fleetwood Town

Fleetwood Town learners attended a Careers in Sport Event at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. The learners were able to network with different organisations and engaged in a range of different careers workshops. They have also been completing additional qualifications through the FA to aid their employability in the future, and the first years had a visit from the British Army to talk about potential careers and sport in the military.

Carlisle United

Carlisle United have developed a partnership with the University of Cumbria where learners have recently attended a taster day at their Lancaster campus. Three brilliant workshops took place including looking at injury screening and prevention, profiling sports performers and designing inclusive sport sessions.  Last week the university also provided a UCAS tutorial to the first year learners about what steps were required regarding their applications, what options they could choose from, and an introduction to student finance. 

Bristol Rovers

Bristol Rovers first year students have been out on placement recently as part of their programme, and in line with National Careers Week. James Lee, Education Lead at the Trust, said: “This week we have given them a real flavour of what it’s like to work in the real world. Students have had the opportunity to select an avenue within the sporting industry that they are interested in. Many of our students have opted to head back in to their primary and secondary schools and the feedback we have already received has been excellent. We are really proud of the students, and we hope they have found this week valuable and enjoyable”. One example is Giorgia, who went back to her secondary school and delivered a volleyball session to the pupils.


Learners at Blackpool recently visited their local Village De Vere health club. They spent time with the leisure club manager and personal trainers, learning an insight into careers in the leisure industry, looked into CV expectations and undertook a training session focusing on teaching points. Also, learners were recently visited by two EFL referees who gave an insight into life in officiating with an interactive workshop.

Southend United

Southend’s learners have been engaging in career workshops in line with National Careers Week. Learners have had work experience talks from the football Club, primary school coaches, PL Kicks, Walking Football and within their media department.


Learners at Rochdale had a visit from First Point USA in the last few weeks to discuss scholarship opportunities in the USA. Rochdale have had several great success stories from alumni learners who have gained scholarships to study and play out in the states which will be featured on our news page soon.


Learners at Wigan took a trip over to their academy recently where learners were able to take part in a coaching session. This linked into their current coaching unit and allowed the learners to see the standards of coaching in the professional game. They also took part in a workshop with the academy staff surrounding the different opportunities available and discussed employability skills. 

LFE is committed to ensuring all learners receive information, advice and guidance throughout their programme. We are currently investing in this, and learners will have their own careers/transition online platform from September 2024 with lots of new partnerships, opportunities and support to come.

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