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My Last Hurdle

Academy Match: Newcastle United v Nottingham Forest

We failed to end our bad run of defeats against Nottingham Forest but we performed alot better than what we have done in recent games.

We restricted them to just a few shots at goal but when they eventually made a breakthrough in the second-half, they capitalised from it and scored the only goal of the game.

It was good team effort and we managed to take many positives from the game but we knew there was room for improvement from now till the end of the season.

Academy Match: Newcastle United v Barnsley

Our next match came in the form of Barnsley in a mid-week clash. We knew this was a game in which we had to set our stall out. We prepared really well during training and looked sharp in the build up to the game.

We started brightly by putting them under pressure earlier on and looked a real threat going forward whilst at the same time we stayed solid defensively.

Early in the second-half we received the just reward for our performance and opened up the scoring. Shortly after we went on to seal a second goal and the momentum of our performance brought us a third goal.

It was a big relief that we ended our run of defeats and it felt really good to be winning again, especially in the manor that we won.

Academy Match: Newcastle United v Blackburn Rovers

We had only a short rest before we were at it again against Blackburn Rovers at the weekend. We knew they were a decent outfit from previous meetings, so we had to stick together for this one and make sure each of the playing eleven grafted from start to finish.

Again, we started off brightly and we took the lead early in the first-half. We looked comfortable up until we scored, we seemed to ease off the pace and we allowed them to come at us. They ultimately got their goal in the second-half and both teams battled for the remainder of the game in which we both came close to stealing a late winner however it wasn’t to be and we shared the spoils.

Academy Match: Newcastle United v Sheffield Wednesday

Our last game of the season was just around the corner on the Wednesday and we desperately wanted to end on a high. We travelled down to Sheffield, for a game that had been postponed earlier on in the season due to snowy conditions.

We knew they were in a cup final so they probably wouldn’t fancy it going for it against us. We put them under early pressure in the first few minutes and scored almost straight away from kick-off.

They were still pretty dozy after the goal but they eventually found themselves and starting performing.

They worked themselves into a good position and scored to level the game just one minute from half time all because we switched off from a throw in.

Bpth teams wanted to finish the domestic campaign on a high so as expected we were both going for the win but for the second week in a row we had to settle for a draw.

We’re glad to finish off the season three games unbeaten and all in all we’ve had great year.

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