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LFE Learner of the Term Winners | Jan - April 2022

LFE Learner of the Term Winners | Jan – April 2022

LFE’s Learner of the Term celebrates the efforts of students who have made excellent academic progress and a positive contribution at their club. On this occasion, two winners will share the prize, with both earning a certificate and £150 Amazon voucher.

Josh Metcalfe | Carlisle United Community Sports Trust

Second-year learner Josh Metcalfe has excelled during this academic year, consistently achieving Distinction grades and displaying leadership qualities on the pitch.

More recently, Josh has discovered a passion for sports journalism, combining his love of football and words to build a strong portfolio of match reports for his beloved Newcastle United. In addition to his work experience with Carlisle United Soccer Schools, Josh has secured a conditional University offer to do a sports journalism degree at Sunderland University, which further highlights his motivation to succeed in the world of journalism.

Education Officer Liam Jackson told LFE: “Josh has been an outstanding student during this academic year both on the football pitch and in the classroom. His confidence has developed superbly, showing excellent confidence amongst his peers. His communication and enthusiasm when delivering presentations during his BTEC work has been brilliant.

He is a very liked member of the class and this is very impressive to see considering how quiet Josh was during the first year of the course. As well as the above, Josh has also improved the standard of his work. He has started to achieve distinctions on a regular basis.
What has impressed me the most is Josh’s initiative away from the course. To gain experience prior to University, Josh attends the Newcastle United games, makes notes and then writes up a comprehensive match report after the game. This shows the excellent attitude and motivation Josh has to succeed in everything he does, building up fantastic skills, both personal and academic, that will benefit him when going off to university and progressing into work. 

Toju Edomi | Southend United Community & Educational Trust

Toju Edomi has progressed tremendously during the second year of his studies. During the most recent review period, he has notably grown in confidence and showed enthusiasm to achieve his future career aspirations. His proactivity with University applications has led to three offers from Hartpury University, University of Brighton and Brunel University London, the latter of which he has accepted and chosen to do the Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences with Business Studies course

Alongside his studies, Toju has held down a part-time job in the hospitality sector and completed work experience as an assistant coach for children in primary and secondary school age group. Alongside that, he worked as a steward at the 2021 London Marathon. His improved punctuality, work ethic and academic performance have made him an standout student during the most recent term.

Education Tutor Andy Edmunds told LFE: “When Toju began his course with us, he was introverted but showed a lot of confidence in his aspiration/career goals. Toju joined us knowing he wanted to pursue a career in the sports industry and has since reaffirmed this goal and put in the work the make this goal reality. 

This term, Toju has continued to complete his work to the high standard he always has, consistently working towards the higher criteria for all units and achieving high grades for his extended diploma work. In class, Toju applies himself extremely well, with the ability to work both independently and collectively with the class. He’s keen to learn more about the topics taught by asking questions in and outside of class.

To achieve his previously mentioned career aspirations, Toju has made the decision that he would like to attend university. Toju has shown initiative in his application. After choosing to study at Brunel University London on the Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences with Business Studies course, he has completed his application for student finance and accommodation. 

Toju also took part in a Youth Forum with the Trust’s Board of Trustees and our CEO. In this forum. Toju spoke to the trustees about the program and suggested ways of which we could improve the program from within. In regards to football, Toju has displayed a good attitude and high levels of motivation to play. He has shown a good ability to be a leader as he has been captain before in matches.  

To view the list of runners-up, click here.

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