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Fortune At Fortuna

Wednesday was our first game day as we had an arranged fixture against Fortuna Sittard.

We as a team wanted to carry on our unbeaten run that we have accumulated throughout pre-season thus far. We trained in the morning in order to prepare physically and mentally for the game.

The game started as expected, Fortuna with a 4-3-3 style formation concentrating on having the majority of the possession. The starting eleven quickly analysed this and adapted by adding even more pressure to Fortuna in order to break down their possession.

We unfortunately conceded first, however we turned the game round to a 4-1 victory with goals from Luke Wandless, Carlton McIntosh, Tom Clarke and Jordan Bove.

The game was a tough test due to the heat and the opposition but we stuck together and pulled through victorious.

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The following day we had another session with Roger, VVV Venlos youth team coach. The session was again hosted at VVV Venlo’s facilities however this time it was focused on a different aspect. The session was about team shape and various other elements surrounding that subject.

Yet again the session was different, interesting and one where nobody wanted to stop for a rest as it was enjoyable and beneficial. Fortunately, after some heavy legs and tired minds, we were all given the afternoon off to rest and visit Horst, the local town centre.

Some of the lads however decided to take inspiration from the Olympic swimming and took on the ‘iron man’ challenge to swim across the lake that was behind the hotel. The lads that swam across claim it to be ‘miles’ long, however it’s only about 1km!

On Friday we had a morning training session with Tony and Mick. The session was a good blow out after the previous afternoon off.

It consisted of our regular press-up programme followed by strides, 4v4’s and offensive/defensive team shape.

That afternoon all the lads visited the Liberty War museum which was, as the tour guide said was, ‘one of the biggest in Europe.’


The museum was great and the lads all learned lots of new things about the war as well as realising just how serious World War 2 actually was.

However to lighten the boy’s moods up after several being tired and having heavy legs, the 1st years had their initiation dance off!

Some of the lads had potential however some, really need to practice their moves after poor performances! We haven’t chose the winner yet however Tom Clarke, Hayden Foulds and Jack Truelove deserve a mention for their efforts.

I can’t wait for the game tomorrow against NEC Nijmegen!

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