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Drunken Awakenings

I was so bored of the hotel breakfast that I decided to make breakfast for myself. I made egg and soldiers and it was really satisfying – even though it tasted awful, it was different to the pancakes that I usually have!

We didn’t have training until 6pm so I went down to the lake with my girlfriend who had come over to see the game on Saturday.

Training eventually came round and Peter the Gaffer was in a bad mood. We had to run five sprints round the pitch with thirty second breaks, and then we split into two teams and just played a game for thirty minutes.

During the night the old drunk bat from downstairs decided to play loud music and shout at about 5 in the morning, of course I was not happy and had a good moan the next morning.

We had Tuesday off so we all went shopping in Ostersund. We were there all day and Peter kindly said that we could have a free meal on him – we gratefully accepted and ordered the most expensive meal!

Today the LFE representatives, Dan and Rob where arriving to check up on me and the goings on in Ange. They were suitably impressed with the night life and were buzzing about their picture in the sports section of the local paper.

They attended our evening training session which began with sprints, going into a technical session concentrating on volleys and headers, and finishing with a shooting session which proved difficult due to the soggy conditions.

At 2am the next morning I was woken suddenly by the noise of a drunk man who had fallen down the ditch outside my window, he then continued to bang on the old bat’s window below. He was stuck in the ditch all night!

We had another day off this week so we went ice skating at the local ice rink, I didn’t stay on the ice long because I’m the world’s worst skater! I then went back to my room and rested after my traumatic ice skating experience!

I was invited out for a meal by Dan and Rob at the local pizza place. I had a Hawaiian as it was the only thing I could read on the menu! We came back to the hotel and had a game of poker – it was like taking candy from a baby!!

Friday we had training at 6pm and it was just a light session as we had the game the next day. It involved a long warm up with the balls, and then we went into a short sharp game of four-a-side. We had a quick shower then rushed back to the hotel as they were nearly finished serving pizza.

Match: Ange IF v Essviks AIF

Had a relaxing lie-in on Saturday morning then headed down to the ground for a 2pm kick-off against Essviks. We started with a 3-4-3 formation, which we hadn’t played before, with me playing centre of the 3 defenders. In the first half the opponent was the better team, passing the ball efficiently with good movement, but we defended well and went in at half time 0-0.

In the second half we came out disorganised and didn’t look like a team but Essvik kept up their strength. We conceded early from a corner and as the game continued they got better and we got worse. They scored their second and after that we never looked like getting back in to the game and it ended 2-0.

It was a disappointing result, the formation didn’t work and it now looks like we’re out of the running for promotion.

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