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Beach Preparation!

Day 3

Again my alarm was set for an 8.00 call but was again ignored for an extra few minutes sleep. Breakfast was at half eight and the bus was to depart for the training complex shortly after.

We arrived to be greeted by another of ADO Den Haag’s youth coaches called Oscar who was to take our first session of the day. He was very enthusiastic in what he was saying about the dutch way of playing football, which was usually a 4-3-3.

He told us the importance of the midfield players in that style of play which then led to a passing drill, possession and a mini game at the end which saw experienced Watford coach Dave, who joined in the mini games, give the opposition team a helping hand in scoring the winning the game.

The lads were impressed by Oscar’s style of coaching.

After the session, we had lunch and we were off for a tour of ADO Den Haag’s stadium which is called The Kyocera. The tour lasted for about an hour, we were shown the pitch, changing rooms and different event rooms around the stadium.

Stadium Tour

As the day got on, we all headed off into the town for expenditure of free time and shopping!

We then returned to the training complex for a second training session and even though most of the lads seemed exhausted during the tour this wasn’t reflected in the session. The boys showed a lot of energy and quality throughout.

The session was taken by our coach Tim, everyone was out to impress with the game against Scunthorpe on Friday drawing nearer. Even coach Dave who joined in again, shockingly impressed with a few well timed challenges.

After the session it was back to the hotel for dinner, free time and then bed.

Day 4

Yet again we began with breakfast but it was to be more of a relaxed day as the game was the following day and as a result we were to have just a single training session.

The session was taken by Tim and Dave and focused on our defensive shape and positioning to smooth a few rough edges before the game against Scunthorpe United.

A knackered Dave refused to take part in the session after the run around he had previously received in sessions before.

After the session we had lunch and received a presentation delivered by ADO Den Haag about their history and Academy’s structure.

We then went onto the beach which is where some of the boys played beach football, it gave them an opportunity to show some of the locals their skills.

We played a keep ball game where the defence had to stop everyone from reaching a certain amount of passed or they would have to run into the sea.

Stephan Hamilton and Kamaron English were the unlucky guys who failed to stop the passes and had to run into the water fully clothed which was to the amusement of the rest of the lads and a few locals.


We then returned to the hotel for a bit of free time, dinner and then bed.

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