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Apprentices Encouraged To Share Problems

LFE has developed a partnership with If U Care Share to support any young players who want to talk to someone confidentially about any despair, distress or suicidal feelings they are experiencing.

All support will be confidential but If U Care Share believes ‘talking’ can and does make a difference and in some instances save lives.

The idea is that by sharing your troubles and by talking about them it can prevent you becoming weighed down.

This helps you offload and ease any pressure you may feel under.

Earlier this season Darlington and Hartlepool Utd youngster’s enjoyed a session with If U Care Share with Darlington’s Head of Youth Craig Liddle keen to safeguard, ‘the emotional well being of his players as well as the physical aspects that are taken care of through their football training programme’.

“We have our own personal experience of losing a loved one through these types of issues, so the idea of players contacting us or clubs running sessions with us is that we bring first-hand knowledge in to the work and offer preventative help,” said Dean Smith from, If U Care Share.

“Everyone hits a time in their lives when they can feel really down. Sometimes we can pinpoint the reason why, i.e. exams, relationships, pressure. There may be times we just feel down and there may be no reason for feeling this way. It’s ok to not feel ok.”

“It is so important that if you feel this way and you can’t understand why, that you talk to someone and it’s about club’s and players recognising the types of emotional strain that can all of a sudden develop.”

“We’re not saying we have every answer to every problem but ‘Sharing’ your problems can make a difference. You may think, What can talking do, it won’t change things but you’d be surprised – talking can and does make a difference. There is always a way around any problem. Who you choose to talk to is up to you and our role is very much to inform and educate so that players and clubs can take appropriate steps if they need to,” added Smith.

If any Football Club would like If U Care Share to deliver a session at their club during the 2011 – 12 season please contact Alan Sykes at LFE on [email protected] or on 0870 458 9250.

For more information on If U Care Share please visit their website

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