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Toby Davis - Umea FC

Winning Goal

22/09/08 |

We started the week with light passing work and ball control drills at the Dragon School, and at evening training we talked about Sunday’s match then played a small sided game.

On Tuesday we were training at the School again working on technique in pairs and finished with some shooting practice. I had gone to Gammlia early to work on my finishing! At team training we worked on possession then had an 8 v 8 game on a small pitch.

Took it really easy midweek, I was feeling very tight from training and thought it better to rest and get myself feeling good for Sunday’s game! Training continued at the School with some weights and at team training we played an 11 v 11 game (same as every Thursday).

We were at the School for training in the morning on Friday and worked on shooting practice. Team training was quite relaxed and fun, just some light head tennis and piggy-in-the-middle games, then small games to finish off. Travelled to the game on Saturday and stayed overnight.


Not a good start to the game, we created little chances and our tactics were not hurting the other side. We were 1 – 0 down after 30 minutes… Second half was much better and we came back to make it 1 – 1 on 55 minutes – I scored!

We continued to play the better stuff in the second half and it paid off in the 89th minute… I scored the winner to make it 2 – 1!! Everyone was really happy and the victory made the long trip home a lot easier!!