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Theme Parks, Spanish Lessons & Training with Madrid

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29/07/16 |

Reading Under-18 midfielder Tyler Frost has been giving us the lowdown on their experience of the LFE trip to Spain.

Speaking to one of our men in Madrid, Frost gave an insight into their off-the-pitch experience as week one draws to a close.

“The hotel that we’ve come to is where the Spanish first-team stay and it’s unbelievable,” he told LFE. “It’s so clean and we all feel comfy and at home and it’s well air-conditioned too.

“We went to a theme park after our game against Oxford and that was the best day of the tour so far for the lads. We all enjoyed it.

“On Sunday, we’re going to be trained by the Real Madrid coaches, which will be a great experience, so there’s lots to look forward to.”

When discussing their Spanish lessons, he said: “They are very difficult because, obviously, none of the boys speak Spanish, but everyone’s trying their very best and I think some of the boys are picking it up very well to be fair, so well done to them.

“It’s useful because if any of us want to play out here, we’ve got to know Spanish.”

To hear Frost’s interview in full, plus further chat with defender Teddy Howe, click the links below: