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Michael Kalu - Watford FC

My Time To Shine

01/08/11 |

Day 7

Today was our last day in The Hague and it was also matchday so we were up at half eight in the morning for some breakfast and after that we had some time to finish up packing a few bits and pieces before we departed for the game.

We arrived at the ADO Den Haag training ground which was the match venue once again, we stayed focused as we knew we were in for a good game.

This match had been heavily anticipated and this time I was starting so I prepared myself mentally by listening to a few tunes to get me in the mood.

Before we went out, we received another team talk from our coach Tim which again ignited the fire in our bellies sparking us even more up for the game.

Michael Kalu

The match began and as expected Den Haag had most of the possession, as they are very patient in their build up like most of the Dutch sides. We held our shape well and didn’t allow them to have the ball in dangerous positions which caused them problems.

The first half ended 0-0 and again ended up winning the game 2-0 after a resilient performance from the team.

I felt a played pretty well causing the opposition a few problems.

We then had some lunch and it was time to say goodbye to The Hague as we departed for the east side of Holland to Arnhem.