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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Heavy Weight!

03/10/07 |

All the under 16’s were in as usual. They did a weights session with Geoff before we had ours: another tough bench pressing session. Everybody stayed inside after the session but I went outside to do some work with Dave. I could barely lift my arms up so catching the ball was almost impossible! Thank God I don’t drive I don’t know if I’d have been able to turn the steering wheel at roundabouts! After this I did a bit of kicking then went inside for lunch, still feeling the effects of the weights.

We were out again in the afternoon and due to the amount of players we had, we had a mini tournament. Because there was 3 keepers, with Ben the U16 being in, Tommo got the opportunity to play outfield. He did a lot better than I had the previous day including scoring a cracking 2-yard effort which fizzed into the bottom corner! After this it was back to the digs and I spent the rest of the night on Guitar Hero!