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Marc Grocott - Stoke City


10/11/07 |

Match: Stoke City Vs Blackburn Rovers

Match day and today we faced Blackburn who are positioned around the same place to us in the table (near the bottom!!). Unlike the past few games we started off poorly and a bit slow. Second to every 50/50 it just wasn’t good enough. This quickly caught up with us and we conceded a penalty for the second successive match when one of our defenders tripped up their front man. Blackburn converted the penalty and we were down 1-0 before we’d even got into the game. As the game went on it was clear that as a team were not up for the game as much as Blackburn. They were first to every ball and capitalised on their dominance, when we eventually through some lax defending allowed them to get their second and put the game to bed.

After the game we were subject to a stern talking to from Ady letting us know of his disappointment, not from losing but from the lack of effort and desire our team showed today. Hard week coming up I think!