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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 6 - Adventure in the Valleys

09/07/07 |

For the second week of pre season, we went to Wales on an adventure holiday. I was looking forward to it, I had been a few similar things with school and had a really good time. The trip was organised by Geoff Wearing our new conditioning coach. He will be in charge of our weights and conditioning programme this season.

We set off on Monday morning at about 10.30am. The journey seemed to take forever. We went to a place called Bala, which is in North Wales (I think!). Despite my moans about the journey time we apparently arrived at our destination early so Geoff took us for a walk. It was more like an adventure. We actually climbed up a mountain. It was about 850m above sea level so it’s classed as a mountain. Some of the views from the top were breath taking. It took us 2 hours to climb and an hour to descend. 3 hours walking in total.

After our earlier exertions, the lads, I included, were starving. We were given a portable bbq each and we cooked our own tea, Mike Aspin was our head chef and he did a very good job. After tea it was quiz time. I teamed up with Conchie and we took the competition to the cleaners winning comfortably. We were promised a prize but unfortunately one failed to materialise. What a blag that was! Following an unproductive stewards enquiry we all retired to bed exhausted from the day’s activities!