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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 47 – Dodged A Fine!

30/08/07 |

When I came in on Thursday there was a bit of confusion. I came into the training ground and was told I wasn’t meant to be there, I was meant to be at college. I went to ask Jamie about this and thankfully I wasn’t meant to be at college. It was just for the people who were doing key skills. This was a relief as it was a hefty fine for being late for college, and I would have only had 10 minutes to get there.

Altogether it was another enjoyable day. We did a bit of finishing in the morning then I went over to the pros and went in net while Darren Carter, Kevin Nicholls and Andy Carroll practised their volleys. Darren Carter was amazing at them. He must have blasted at least 6 into the top corner. Thursday night I was coaching once again, and was joined by Tommo and Dave as they oversee the Thursday session as well as Simon and me.