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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 42 – Can’t Make The Save

22/08/07 |

On Wednesday everyone was off bar me, Tommo and the first year pro, Andrew Murphy who is on loan to Northwich Victoria. We were in at 9am with Dave. The session we did was a killer, really hard but really good especially the last drill we did. We had to sprint-touch both posts then make the save. We had 6 saves to make but I ended up having to do about 12 sets because Murph kept pinging them in the top corner! After the session we spent about half an hour looking for a ball that had gone missing in one of the bushes, once we’d found it the three of us went into town for some dinner. It was off home for me after that as I was picking up my GCSE results in the morning, this meant I had Thursday off! Happy days.