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Day 36 - Hydro pool

15/08/07 |

Everyone was off on Wednesday except the injured players. Cheers! In again and my recovery and rehab work stepped up a notch further. I did a hard session with Johnny in the morning including lots of running, mainly sprints and some goalkeeping drills as well. Then in the afternoon I went to total fitness and did more work in the flume with Quirky and first year pro Dylan Adams who was recovering from ankle surgery. This was followed by a couple of lengths of the pool and 10 minutes or so in the hydrotherapy pool.

Johnny said I would be ok to go out with Dave tomorrow afternoon if I passed a fitness test in the morning. I was so happy to hear these words; I just wanted to get back into full training. Unfortunately I had missed all the friendlies therefore was very unlikely to be in contention to start the league season. I kind of knew this anyway because Thommo was always going to get more of an opportunity because he is a second year playing for his future so its only fair, I had wanted to push him all the way though, and I haven’t really had a chance to because of the injury. I went back to the digs looking forward to the next day.