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Day 34 - Back to work

13/08/07 |

Monday morning and back into training after a very lazy Sunday. The atmosphere was good around the training ground. Although the first team drew, everybody knew they had put in a very good performance. The youth team were in good sprits as well after a good win at the weekend. Everyone’s looking forward to the season opener against Rochdale on Saturday but before that we’ve got looking the final game of pre season against Bradford tomorrow to prepare for.

My ankle is now feeling a hundred times better and I’m pushing to be training at the end of the week. Today’s been weights with Geoff in the morning and he introduced us to something called super setting. This is where you constantly work one part of the body. We did our arms and towards the end we had to do 10 press ups. This was virtually impossible and it felt like my arms were going to fall off! When the rest of the lads went out to train I stayed in and did some of my rehab work. After that it was Pilates. Some of the lads aren’t to keen on these but I really like them. In the afternoon after everybody had gone back to the digs I stayed and did some running with Johnny outside and various twisting and turning exercises. After this it was back to the digs and everyone’s chilling out for the game tomorrow.