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Day 30 - X-Ray Results

08/08/07 |

Wednesday was certainly different. I brought my x-rays in and all three members of the medical staff assessed the images. Johnny, Kempy and Bobby Basic (assistant physio). The x-rays confirmed what they had thought. I had several bone spurs. Overgrown bone, which is rubbing together and causing the pain I’m currently experiencing. Kempy said he hoped to get me through the season and then operate on it at the end.

At that point I wanted the op straight away to just get it out of the way. However Kempy explained that if a surgeon performed an operation now, there was another job that needed doing in my ankle that they would say they might as well do while they were in there. Ultimately that would put me out for up to 6 months, and that I certainly don’t fancy that. At least if it’s done at the end of the season when all the games are out of the way then it’ll reduce the amount of games and training I’ll miss. I’d still expect to miss some training time next pre-season but at least this will be minimised and I should be undertaking a rehab programme as well.

He did however say that if there was no improvement within 2 weeks. An operation may be required. After this some flooring arrived, it was hundreds of jigsaw like pieces. I set off assembling it almost single handed, aided by Quirky and Paul McKenna, who I had began to talk to quite a bit as we are both from the Chorley area. We ended up spending most of our time discussing the famous Chorley nightlife! By the end of the day, with a little help from the rest of the lads the flooring was complete. It was a nice change to be honest!