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Day 2 – More Of The Same

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03/07/07 |

The second day was pretty much the same, more running. This time I faired a lot better. We ran to the sports arena from the training ground to do the YO-YO test.

When we got there we were introduced to Rob Kelly (new Assistant Manager), he said he looked forward to working with us in the first team. After the introduction it was on with the test. My ultimate aim was to finish anywhere but last, mission accomplished – a massive improvement after yesterday’s abject performance!

After the test, I stayed behind with the physio and analysed results of tests from last season against this season. My biggest weakness is my kicking. I’ve done loads of work by myself and with Dave Timmins (Goalkeeping Coach). It has come on leaps and bounds but I’ve still a hell of a long way to go with it. The second half of the day was more running. We did six sets of 800-metres, this longer distance stuff definitely isn’t for keepers! I was exhausted, it was time to head back to digs and get to bed. I woke up for some tea then went on Guitar Hero for an hour but it was another early night.