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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 16 - Road Trip

23/07/07 |

We embarked on our journey to Scotland at about 8 o clock this Monday morning. We were all really looking forward to the trip. The coach we were journeying on was very snazzy. It had Sky, about 5 TV’s as well as a DVD player. Definitely no the sort of coach you’d ever come across on school trips! Our joy soon disappeared when we realised that sky didn’t work, so I was put on the case and managed to fix it temporarily. By the time it was fixed. The signal was dodgy so we had to make do with the radio. To make matters worse, the coach broke down and we had to wait for an hour at the side of the road while a replacement was called for. Fortunately, a coach was passing by which took us to the nearby services to wait. We got Austin Powers to watch on the DVD player on the coach. The trip passed rather quickly and we arrived at our hotel at around 2pm some 6 hours after setting off! Our training facility was literally across the road from were we was staying. We had an hour or so to get settled in after we had some food then we were out on he training pitch. Me and Tommo did some goalkeeping work while the outfield players did some possession and technique work. We finished out with a bit of shooting which was enjoyable. After training we had some tea then it was to bed, for some rest before tomorrows game with Celtic.