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Day 22 - Balancing Act!

31/07/07 |

Woke up Tuesday and the ankle felt ok, if I’m honest I think I could of trained on it. I was assessed in the morning and the swelling was still quite bad so I was told to go through the rehabilitation work that I had been given. This included lots of balancing stuff. The only upside was that one of my good mates, Phil Quirk, was injured so I got to spend a bit of time with him. He broke his toe after falling during the gorge walk in Wales, before we had even kicked a football, so obviously he was very annoyed and frustrated.

The afternoon was basically the same – more of the rehab work, more chatting with Quirky, I was starting to realise it was very boring being injured. We were allowed to go outside and watch the 2nd years all doing the coaching assessment things. The digs at night provided a more interesting atmosphere. Another victory over Dom in Pro Evo, I was becoming the man to beat in the house!