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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

An Eye Opener

06/09/07 |

Thursday came and I was the only Apprentice with the pros and being the only Apprentice meant I had to do all the jobs. Although I did get some help from Billy Barr and Rob Kelly. Before we got into the small sided tournament we did a weights circuit with Geoff. I thought the circuits we did with the Apprentices were hard, but these ones were ten times as difficult. I paired up with Billy Barr for it and even he struggled to the extent where he dropped out for a couple of the exercises! After the circuit it was to the tournament, where my goalkeeping coach Dave Timmins made an appearance in goal for one team, much to the delight of many of the pros. He even took part in our warm up rather than conducting it for a change, much to Loners and Chris Neal’s amusement. The pros had the weekend off due to international fixtures so they were all going go karting afterwards on a team-bonding trip. The pace of the games was unbelievable, I’d never been in anything close to it, it was frightening! Thankfully I did well in them, to be honest I didn’t have a great deal, but what I had to do I did well and it was great experience training with them.