LFE Feature at ALP Provider of the Future Showcase Event

By: Elaine Brand |
17/05/10 |
(L-R) Emily Berry - Lead Designer, Kineo; David Roe - Navitas Sports Consultancy; Russell Grocott - Managing Director, Sportiv8

(L-R) Emily Berry, Kineo; David Roe, Navitas Sports Consultancy; Russell Grocott, Sportiv8

LFE was recently invited to showcase its ground breaking work on the E-Learning Content Creation – Functional Skills project at the 5th Association of Learning Providers (ALP) Provider of the Future event at the Think Tank Science Museum in Birmingham.

The project, which is funded by a Learning Innovation Grant from ALP, is being delivered in partnership with Kineo and Sportiv8 with the objective of providing reusable e-learning resources on functional skills for Apprentices and learners across the sector.

Using the inspiration of the 2012 London Olympics, the material created will use contributions from promising and top athletes to make it authentic and engaging for the learners and will be made freely accessible to learning providers across the UK.

Representatives from LFE, Kineo and Sportiv8 joined other leading training providers at the event to demonstrate how innovative technology is being used to transform their business operations and help learners to achieve more.

David Roe, from Navitas Sports Consultancy, who is managing the project on behalf of LFE said:

“This is a really exciting and innovative project that addresses a very real need for relevant functional skills material. Using the inspiration of the London 2012 Olympics, our main objective is to create engaging, stimulating and accessible material that can be easily contextualised for other settings.”

“By working with key partners including Podium, SkillsActive and City & Guilds we are confident that the material will have a lasting impact on not only LFE Apprentices, but also those across other AASE sports and, ultimately, the entire education sector.”