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Leeds Metropolitan University Sign Up

Leeds Metropolitan University is the latest organisation to sign up to the Competitive Edge Live Careers Events in March 2010.

As one of the largest and most popular universities in the UK, with over 52,000 students, Leeds Met offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The Carnegie Faculty of Sport & Education offers an impressive range of sports oriented courses ranging from those that concentrate on the impact of sport on wider society (Sport, Leisure & Culture) to those that seek to better understand the scientific basis of health and individual sports performance (Sport & Exercise Science).

All sport related students are extremely well placed to take advantage of the many strategic sporting partnerships held by Leeds Met through both volunteering opportunities and the integrated assessment, learning and teaching aspects of each course.

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Toby French | "Exploring other careers can be fun"

Toby French | “Exploring other careers can be fun”

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LAPS 'Ahead of the Game' Event | Old Trafford

LAPS ‘Ahead of the Game’ Event | Old Trafford

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