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Gareth Southgate Gives Create Your Legacy His Seal Of Approval

Gareth Southgate has given the Create Your Legacy Careers Events his seal approval after attending the Southern Event last week as a guest speaker.

Devised by LFE in partnership with the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust, the events aim to encourage all elite athletes to think about their own legacies by helping them to further their careers and plan for their future – whether in sport or another field.

A guest speaker for the day, Southgate was given the opportunity to address the 30 Clubs and over 300 young players that attended as well as elite athletes from other sports including, motor racing and swimming.

And his presentation proved a big hit as he talked through his own personal career, his highs and lows and what he believes it takes to succeed in both sport and business.

“What I tried to convey to those attending is that you have to work hard to succeed in any walk of life.”

“If you apply it to football, the likes of Barcelona, David Beckham, Alan Shearer and Paul Scholes are at or have been at the top of the game not just because of their skill but because they work hard and apply themselves,” said Southgate.

“It’s the same in everything you do whether it’s sport or business, in fact a lot of the skills you pick up in sport are transferable but you have to be prepared to apply yourself and keep picking up new skills.”

Gareth Southgate

While he admitted that he had not known too much about CYL before being asked to be a speaker, Southgate was unreservedly glowing in his praise afterwards of a concept that provides an ‘unbelievable level of support’.

“The events in Reading and Manchester offer an unbelievable level of support to youngsters as everyone is here to help them.”

“From the exhibitors who are here with an eye on bringing them in to their business, through to people like Dame Kelly, Dion and myself who can offer them advice or share experiences with them that might just give them the impetus to go on to the next level in whatever they want to do,” added Southgate.

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