E-Scout & LFE Introduce Clubs To New Software

By: Elaine Brand |
02/07/10 |
Training Day at LFE HQ

Training Day at LFE HQ

LFE training for Club staff on video performance analysis is proving a resounding success.

The days, which involve over 100 Club staff and are being held up and down the country, are part of LFE’s drive to help Clubs adopt new technology and explore new ways of applying technology within their delivery of the ASE programme.

The software itself will allow Club staff and Apprentices to break down matches and training to analyse individual and team performances to facilitate improvement.

Speaking after a training day a LFE HQ on Wednesday Mark Jules from Chesterfield said:

“I found the day very informative and very interesting. We’re always looking for other learning tools and ways to improve the players so this is ideal in terms of a learning process and it will definitely add value to the programme.”

Also at the event, Bradford City Head of Youth, David Wetherall added:

“The day’s been very beneficial, it’s is a great tool for us as a Youth department and especially for the players. What I like about video analysis is it takes opinion out of it – looking back on the video it’s there for all to see, it’s fact, it’s not opinion anymore and that can only help with player development.”

To watch full interviews with Mark and David please go to the LFE TV player on the homepage.