E-Scout At Competitive Edge Live

15/02/10 |

E-Scout will be among the exhibitors at this year’s Competitive Edge Live Careers Events.

E-Scout provide cutting edge video development solutions across a spectrum of industries and sectors.

Offering a bespoke service to complete your analysis to the highest level at competitive rates, E-Scout can provide football and other team sports with tailored video analysis solutions as well as off the shelf cutting edge analysis software and hardware.

Video evidence of individual player’s attributes is placed on a user-friendly and secure, searchable database. Subscribers will be provided with a unique user ID and password which will allow you to search for the athlete of your choice from the comfort of your office. If you are thinking of recruiting an athlete you have already identified, E-Scout can provide historical video evidence of his/her ability.

Exclusively in conjunction with Football League Clubs they provide a searchable database of ex youth professional footballers in England which facilitates the recruitment and transfer of players by Clubs, Colleges and Universities worldwide.

Both in the academic and sporting arenas their software and solutions ensure the development and appraisal of apprentices, students, teachers and assessors.

To find out more please visit: www.e-scout.co.uk