Crewe Academy Players Receive Social Media Training

By: Dan Brennan |
28/07/15 |
Crewe Social Media

Crewe Alexandra’s apprentice players have taken part in a social media training session in order to make better use of platforms such a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The two-hour session, delieverd by Cathy Wood is part of LFE’s Life Skills programme which also covers a range of other topics to provide holistic development for players. This ranges from emotional well-being to lifestyle education and

equality and diversity

The session which involved Alex’s Under-18’s provided some valuable information on sensible interaction in the world of social media. It included some do’s and don’ts, as well as advice on privacy and photos.

Knowing how to best use social media is particularly important for a modern day footballer, and many of the players felt that the session was beneficial.

I thought it was a good eye opener, and showed how it could have a bad effect and a positive effect on my career,” said midfielder Harry Pickering.

Full-back Matthew Neal also feels that social media training is vital: “Its very important, because you could get yourself into a lot of trouble by posting all sorts of things.

To watch a video about the event, with interviews from Matthew Neal and Harry Pickering, click below.