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Cobblers Do The Double

NTFC Book Day

Northampton Town’s Ben Judd and Ross Oulton have been doing their bit this season in aid of Northampton’s Double Club.

The Cobblers pair helped celebrate World Book Day earlier this season and worked with Year 8 students who have been taking part in the Double Club (DC) this term.

The Apprentices answered pre-prepared questions from the youngsters based around reading, books, authors, types of reading and studying. Of course there were the usual football and general questions too.

Ben and Ross did well explaining their answers and had a laugh talking with the students about films, cars, famous footballers and pets.

As all NTFC Youth team players study sports-related courses at Moulton College, it shows school children what sorts of courses are available and how to balance work and study commitments.

NTFC Book Day

Special reading-themed sessions followed, with students doing a ‘programme trail’ using NTFC match day programmes. They were asked to solve literacy and numeracy clues using reading skills such as scanning for key information, to solve a NTFC-themed crossword.

Next they read a chapter from ‘Bend it Like Beckham’. The group discussed and wrote about how the lead character Jess felt when certain events occurred, such as getting fouled, getting sent off, scoring a goal and having racist abuse shouted at her. Many students had a go a reading aloud, which was great to hear.

The group watched the corresponding section of the tie-in DVD and chatted about whether the actors’ facial expressions matched the feelings of the book’s characters.

Earlier in the day, the students participated in their weekly practical session of multi-skills with Northamptonshire Sport coach Graeme Wilson. The ‘double’ experience of physical and educational sessions aims to motivate and engage students in their learning.

NTFC Book Day

Having NTFC players to interview provides an excellent opportunity for showing how the power of sport interests children in their schoolwork as well as an example of using sport across the curriculum.

Youth Team Coach, Sean Parrish commented:

“Our players presence without doubt aids in this project having a positive impact on pupils’ motivation and self esteem, with young people reporting that they work hard in DC sessions and that they feel more confident and able to contribute in their other lessons.”

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