ZISHI is a centralised knowledge suite for existing and potential traders. Bridging the world of athletic performance and the ever-changing financial landscape, ZISHI features advanced learning, data insights and the latest tools and technologies to help aspiring traders find their performance edge – and stay there.

Norwich City Academy graduate and Northern Ireland full-back Jamal Lewis has used some of his free time in lockdown to take an online course in financial trading, which you can read about here.

ZISHI’s introduction to trading workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the demands of being a professional OSTC trader. Open to candidates of 16+, it is completely free and can be run from the club’s facility or one of our trading rooms. Choose from two hours at your club or spend the full day with us at one of our trading offices.

ZISHI Benefits 

  • Dual career development
  • Enhanced employability development and support
  • Deep immersive learning to become ‘industry ready’
  • Simulation software for a taste of trading
  • Biometric technology to measure optimal trading states
  • Accredited diplomas in financial trading
  • Associated CISI membership