Have you got what it takes to fight “black hat” hackers? Are you excited by a career in tech, fighting cybercrime and earning a fortune? Cyber security is one of the coolest (and most important) jobs in the world right now. Cyber Stars academy was created by a group of former Premier League players and the programmes have been designed by an award-winning military veteran.

Cyber Stars can help you build your dream career in Tech, even if:

  • You’re completely new to tech and have never thought of a career in cyber before
  • You’ve struggled with exams and traditional learning in the past
  • You’ve thought “can I do anything other than football?”
  • You’re completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start or what to do next in your career
  • You are still playing and need a programme that fits around your football schedule

What you’ll learn with Cyber Stars

  • Digital skills on a gamified platform
  • IT basic skills and a qualification that will prove you’ve got the basic skills needed to progress
  • All about the latest attacks and the offensive and defensive side of cyber security.
  • More about careers in IT and Cyber and how to develop a CV that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • How to build on your strengths and transfer your skills from football into a business environment
  • How to ace a job interview in the tech sector
  • Strategies tips and advice to succeed, including how to brand yourself effectively for a career in this sector
  • You’ll also meet and hear from people working in the field and get to network with employers.
  • Above all else, we will develop your confidence. We believe that football players can crush it in this sector and that huge talent too often lies dormant within players once they hang up their boots. We want to help you unlock your potential and thrive in your life after sport

Who is eligible for our courses?

  • Current players who want to develop their skills and prepare for life after football in their spare time
  • Released academy players looking for a new and exciting opportunity that will capitalise on the skills they gained in an academy
  • Retired players looking for a new challenge
  • Male and female players

The training is provided via short, part-time virtual courses as well as via digital bootcamps. Our sessions are tailored especially for football players and no technical qualifications or experience in the sector are required.

The Cyber Stars programme was put to the test with Liverpool Academy alumni and you can read all about their experience here.