Get qualified as a Personal Trainer and start a career in personal training alongside, or after, your football career.

CAWS is an online fitness education company, based in the UK and operating globally. We create content and courses for Personal Trainers and Coaches. Our purpose is to provide university quality education at a price that’s accessible. All our content is delivered online, which means that all our programmes are self-study. So, if you go through any one of our courses, you can start any time and learn any time, just as long as you’re online. This means you can access the content around a busy lifestyle, training schedule or other career choices.

Get Qualified as a Personal Trainer

We also provide Personal Trainer Qualifications in partnership with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (also known as NASM). NASM is based out of the US and CAWS is its UK partner. Statistically NASM produce the highest performing Certified Personal Trainers (or CPTs) globally, and NASM has qualified more Personal Trainers than any other education company in the world. Access to CAWS NASM Certified Personal Trainer Qualification self-study programme starts at £59.00/month (and you can cancel any time).

Reasons players qualify as Personal Trainers (as cited by players):

1. Opportunity to earn.
2. Provides an additional career path directly related to their profession as a player.
3. Further real-world experiences.
4. Flexibility and overseas opportunities.

The fitness industry welcomes professional athletes who are qualified as Personal Trainers, and right now there is a higher than usual demand for Personal Trainers with experience of professional sport. Between them, CAWS co-founders have over 50 years’ experience across fitness, clinical practice and professional sport, and are well-regarded in their respective fields. The NASM CPT is globally recognised, and because of its reputation, CAWS can arrange interviews for its graduate CPTs across its network of fitness clubs and brands.