Active Soccer was founded in 2005 with the sole purpose of enhancing and increasing sporting opportunities for young people. Focusing his time on building a brand that provided fun, healthy and inclusive programmes, the Active brand has become trusted and recognised helping 18-months to 16-year-old children grow and nurture their confidence, resilience and mindset within a safe environment.

The development and delivery of high-quality programmes across the UK with coaches that champion the Active values has been of the utmost importance when growing its network of franchises.

In order to develop its services and remain relevant, partnering with a variety of organisations such as Change4Life, Decathlon and several National Governing Bodies has been key to ensure that every Active session delivered is created from the best available resources.

Coaching Opportunities

This is a great opportunity for a sports coach who has a passion for inspiring young people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle whilst developing their own experience within a well-established company that is fresh and forward thinking.

In addition to the support provided on the planning and delivery of sessions, Active Soccer coaches can also benefit from the companies CPD programme that supports individuals develop their own skills, knowledge and experience to help further their career.