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04/09/17 |

Our Guide to Higher Education Applications will be available from the end of September to all players who are interested in applying for a Higher Education (HE) course starting in September 2020.

This publication, which is available to download at provides the lowdown on what you need to know when applying for a HE course, application process, clearing and student finance and support.

If you’re thinking about heading to University after your apprenticeship remember to add the following key application dates to your diary:

  • 15 January (by 18:00) for the majority of courses, with the exception of some Art & Design courses with a 24 March deadline.
  • 30 June – the final deadline.

(The above dates are when all completed applications, including a reference should be sent to UCAS.)

Universities and Colleges guarantee to consider your application if UCAS receive it by the appropriate deadline. Applications received at UCAS after the deadlines, up until 30 June, will only be considered by universities and colleges if they still have vacancies for the course(s) you have selected.

Applications received after 30 June will not be sent to the universities and colleges and will go directly into Clearing.

For those unsure about the University experience, check out the views of three former apprentices that have moved into higher education via the video below:

To view all the key dates for undergraduate applications including deadlines, when you’ll receive decisions, or when you need to reply visit the UCAS website.

To find out more about dates, deadlines and the application process watch the video’s below or visit