The Professional Footballers Association is the world’s oldest professional sports union with over 4000 current members and 50,000 former members worldwide.

Member services include:

  • Education & Training
  • Coaching
  • Commercial
  • Contract advice and negotiation
  • Hardship grants
  • Legal advice
  • Medical Insurance
  • Financial Management & Pensions
  • Safety Net

PFA logo

Member services are available for life to those that join the PFA while an Apprentice or Professional player. LFE would advise all Apprentices to join The PFA to ensure that they are eligible to take full advantage of all The PFA can offer.

Remember once a member always a member, so players are able to enjoy the numerous benefits and services on offer even after they have left the professional game.

For more information on what The PFA can do for you or to join please call 0161 236 0575.

For more information on The PFA please visit: