The following outlines the recommended recruitment model that LFE believes best supports both learners and trusts/foundations. This model ensures that learners are thoroughly informed and aware of all aspects of the course, while trusts/foundations can confidently recruit students who are capable and well-suited for the courses.

Recruitment Model

Open Evening Suggestions

  • Presentation to provide information about the BTEC/football programme/personal development and enrichment opportunities.
  • Focus and advice on pathways and careers in sport.
  • Emphasise education is the driving force on the course and football is enrichment or reward.
  • Current learners to help support delivery.
  • Opportunities for Q&A.
  • Map out the recruitment process.

Education and Football Taster Day(s)

  • Not just a regular football session, introduce education early into the process.
  • Full or half-day containing a short classroom session (30 min-1 hour). Highlight typical timetable and day structure.
  • Football session to showcase a typical session on programme.
  • Opportunity to observe learners in class and on the pitch, also supports knowledge of groupings for both education and football.

Education Interview

  • Formal interview with the learner and their parent/carer.
  • Request the learner brings their ID (chance to get early), mock results and school report/letter from school.
  • Find out why the learner wants to join the course, what previous education experience they have, discuss career options and explain the course in depth.
  • Allow parent/carer to ask questions specific to learner and build an understanding of expectations.
  • Introduce the learner to the code of conduct.

Conditional Offer/Invite to Enrolment Day

  • Following all three steps, you can now offer learners an invite to results day.
  • This will allow well-informed, knowledgeable learners to attend enrolment day. We could have ID already for each learner and knowledge of them as an individual.
  • Any late enrollers, or learners that turn up on results day, should still have an education interview and be shown the open evening literature.