My Future Today

My Future Today

In 2015, LFE moved away from hosting the “Create Your Legacy” careers events, believing a new personal development workshop called “My Future Today” would offer more value to apprentices.

My Future Today is delivered in a workshop format to football clubs across the country in clusters, with apprentices from two to three clubs attending a single session.

My Future Today highlights the importance of personal development and how it can enhance success both in and out of professional football, improve well-being and support transition challenges.

Delivered in partnership with AFTA Thought and the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, former professional footballers and elite athletes help apprentices discover more about who they are and what they can achieve, recognise the value of transferable skills they already have, as well as understanding what opportunities they can take advantage of to secure their future, today.

Each apprentice receives a Workshop Guide including a list of support organisations who can help and advise on a number of different challenges. This can be downloaded below.

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