League Football Education has secured access to U-Explore, a resource which provides online career support and information.

U-Explore is an “innovative, online teaching and learning resource that is accessible 24/7”.

It delivers comprehensive information, advice and guidance in order to help learners manage their own futures and progress.

U-Explore offers a sneak preview of what the working environment may be like in over 1,500 jobs as well as providing further information on the qualifications and skills you need to get there.

“It’s really useful to see real people talking about their lives and jobs.”

Access to the tool is provided by LFE to all current and former Apprentices as well as for anyone considered to be working directly with LFE.

Any information that Apprentices collect on different career options can be used as evidence towards the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Achieving Excellence in Sport Performance for the unit ‘Manage Your Own Career’.

Follow the steps below to start planning your career after football:

1. Visit www.u-explore.com.
2. Click on “LOGIN” at the top of the page.
3. Click the ‘REGISTER WITH US’ button to create your account.
4. Select the following options from the dropdown boxes; County: Lancashire, Town: Preston, Establishment: League Football Education.
5. Tick Student and enter the Registration Code: FOOTBALL.
6. Input your personal details including the relevant Year Group (12 or 13).
8. Complete the registration by creating a memorable username and password.
9. You can now log in and start exploring your secondary career options.

U-Explore Screen