Woods Leaving Walsall To Head Back To Grimsby

By: Steve Sutcliffe |
21/10/16 |

Walsall have confirmed that academy manager, Neil Woods is set to leave the club next month. The former Grimsby Town boss will head back to join the Mariners as their academy manager on November 11 after five years with the Saddlers.

In a club statement, Woods outlined his reasons for making the move back up to Grimsby.

“It’s been a real personal decision for me. My family home is back in the area and Grimsby Town is a club I played for, for nine years and worked there as a youth coach and manager.

“I have a big connection to the area and the people. It’s where I live so I can go home every night to my wife and kids.

“I can’t thank Walsall enough and I’ll always remember the time I spent here.

“The set up of the club does exactly what it says on the tin. It promotes young players and they really back it. I think for a number of years Walsall have done that and much more.

“Hopefully we’ve been a good fit for each other but that’s up to other people to say.

“The whole ethos here is commendable and it’s a blueprint for other clubs to copy.”

Walsall have already started the search for a replacement for Woods and expect to confirm an appointment in the near future.