Where Are You Now?

07/08/09 |
Progression 2009

LFE understands that your career doesn’t stop here and we’re interested to find out how your career progresses after you have completed your ASE programme.

We are currently in the process of completing a tracking and monitoring programme and would like you to fill in our Apprentice Tracking questionnaire by clicking on the link below.

LFE have also secured opportunities with the likes of YMCAfit, Fitness First, Challenger Sports, Lifetime and a number of elite Universities such as Manchester Metropolitan, Staffordshire, Northumbria and Hartpury College which you can register for through the questionnaire.

Apprentice Tracking Questionnaire – CLICK HERE

Please fill in these details as accurately as you can.

Once you have completed the questionnaire your results will automatically be sent through to LFE.

Thank you for your time