Time to Talk

By: Elaine Brand |
05/02/15 |

LFE has joined The Professional Footballers’ Association in supporting #TimetoTalk Day.

Each season LFE works with the likes If U Care Share to promote emotional well-being and encourage young footballers to ‘Share’ problems or issues that could impact negatively.

A significant number of people will experience a mental health problem of some description each year – it is something that can impact on everyone football players included!

Show your support by tweeting, using the hashtag #TimetoTalk and encouraging others to get involved.

#TimetoTalk Day encourages supporters to get talking about mental health by taking 5 minutes to have a conversation.

By talking about mental health more often, we are ending the silence and breaking down the stigma and discrimination surrounding the subject.

The PFA has a dedicated 24/7 helpline that is available 365 days of the year if any of its members need someone to talk to, as well as a nation-wide network of 48 counsellors for current and former players to access.