Sports Role Models

By: Elaine Brand |
28/11/09 |

With the topic of sports role models very much at the forefront of current public debate, SkillsActive have decided to conduct a poll to find out just who is considered to be sports role model of the year for 2009.

Role models play an important part in a young people’s lives and they can affect their views, actions or attitudes towards a certain sport or lifestyle.

This is particularly apparent in the world of sport where stars are constantly in the public eye and their actions are seen and heard by many individuals on a daily basis.

It is therefore important for a role model to lead by example and show a positive image to young people. However, there are occasionally stories of bad sporting behaviour or problems in personal lives that lead to some stars becoming poor role models.

The survey produced by SkillsActive offers you the chance to tell them what you think makes a good or bad role model, what sports are notorious for producing role models and pick your best and worst role models from the world of sport.

To complete the survey simply click on the link below. Results are due to be announced in December.

Sports Role Models Poll >>