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Royal Marines Deployed to Progression

The Royal Marines are the most recent organisation to join LFE’s Progression Partner programme and feature at the Careers Events.

The Royal Marines are the UK’s ‘go anywhere’ amphibious forces and a key component of the government’s Rapid Reaction Force. As such, they are required to be trained to work in different terrains and environments, from the cold, mountainous conditions in Northern Europe, to the hot arid regions of the Middle East and Africa and to the dense tropical jungles of the Far East.

Training as a Royal Marines Commando will make you a member of a team that must be ready at short notice to deal with difficult and dangerous situations in hostile environments. The right to wear the green beret does not come easily and is one that has to be earned by completion of the most demanding training course in the British Armed Forces.

Once a young Royal Marine has earned their ‘spurs’ basic training, selection for specialist training will take place. Royal Marines specialisations range from Mountain Leader to Physical Training Instructor, from Weapons Instructor to Signaller, and from Chef to Driver.

If they have the necessary attributes, Marines can also train for the UK’s Special Forces with the Special Boats Service. Whatever specialisation they choose, a Royal Marine will find themselves with an active lifestyle in a constantly changing career.

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