Question Time At Blades Academy

By: Elaine Brand |
13/03/10 |
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Sheffield United’s Academy recently welcomed students from a local school to quiz 1st year Apprentice Kalum O’Kane and Community Development Manager Mark Todd.

The students, from All Saints School, posed questions to Kalum and Mark as part of a literacy project.

Former Blades midfielder Mark provided information for a biographical piece speaking about his early life in Ireland before coming over to join Manchester United as a youngster, playing for Sheffield United and then having to find a new career when he finished playing.

Kalum was quizzed about his life as an Apprentice player and, as a former student of All Saints School, the visitors had plenty of questions for him regarding how life had changed since leaving school.

The young students were surprised to find out that Kalum continues to study alongside his football training as part of his two-year Apprenticeship.

Question Time At Sheffield United's Academy

During the Question Time Kalum said,

“It is really important that you make the most of your opportunities in education as you never know what is going to happen. I have to work at both my football and my college course.”

Staff from the school reported,

“It is a great experience for the pupils to meet someone like Kalum and find out what life is really like after leaving school.”