Puma Equipment Order

By: Steve Sutcliffe |
25/05/07 |

LFE has now entered the second year of its technical partnership with Puma and the time has come for Football Clubs to submit their boot orders for the 2007/08 season.

On the 4th April LFE sent a letter out to all Clubs outlining the changes and improvements that Puma have made to the apparel and delivery process for 2007.

Also, for the first time, LFE are offering an online alternative to the paper based order form. By clicking on the link below and downloading the form, you can complete it electronically and return it via email to Michael Cooke (mcooke@lfe.org.uk).

Images of the available equipment and a copy of the letter sent to clubs can also be found by following the links below.

*Please note, the King Exec SG is a metal-tipped blade boot and not studded as first described.

  • Puma Equipment Order Form
  • Puma Product Images
  • Club Letter 04/04/07